A grade XII student of Stella Maris Inter College, Lucknow discovered his love for poetries when he was just 10. Being a mediocre student, Animesh consistently writes poetry on various topics. Animesh’s very first book (collection of his poem) named “Exactly What I Mean” of-late got published and is available with prominent book sellers for poetry lovers.


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Awards and Recognition
Animesh has bagged many awards and recognitions in field of literature/poetry organized by his school & various social organizations from time to time.
Extra Curricular
Animesh is an active participant in various extra-curricular activities which includes; Poem Writing, Sports, Debates, School Drama, Stage Shows etc.
Animesh’s very first book (collection of his poem) named “Exactly What I Mean” of-late got published and is available with prominent book sellers for poetry lovers.
Animesh is a very playful kind of a boy who always tries to make everyone happy and joyful. He is a sincere boy; he respects his elders, his family and everyone around him. He cares for others feelings. He respects his friends who all the time encourages him to write poems.

Parent’s Note

“Exactly What I Mean”

This is a collection of mixed feelings, imaginations, some of the barbarous activities that got conducted in our civilised society, some of the national issues which has been aesthetically penned by Animesh Mishra in his introductory work. In this work of his, he has poured his heart out, to beautifully express some of the activites which has effected India internally and externally, he has marvellously articulated his thinkings related to promise, smile, kiss, love, birthday, promise, family, parents and grandparents.

This work of his is an essence of his passion for literature which he enjoys to structure in words, sentences and phrases.

There is lot more to come from Animesh Mishra’s end in the near future.

His book “Exactly What I Mean” contains following topics :

  • Gender Bias In India
  • Friends…
  • A Doorless Room
  • The Kiss Of A Day
  • An Awesome Smile…..
  • The Mistaken Man
  • Circumstantial Love
  • My Encounter With Love
  • An Inspiring Soldier
  • Civic Sense For A Clean India
  • Arushi Murder Case
  • Childhood Death In India
  • Rising Corruption
  • Phailin Crisis
  • Kedarnath Tragedy
  • The Kashmir Attack
  • A Better Choice…Of Life
  • The Destination’s Roar

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My Work


An Awesome Smile

An awesome smile could make one, wile. An awesome smile could drive someone, a mile. An awesome smile is the nature’s wine, That it pour, from time to time. An awesome smile could make a day, Just a gist and life seems to slay. An awesome smile could fade away, The past love memories, all ... [Read more...]
By : Animesh Mishra | Sep 9, 2015


Friends are those, on whom we trust, Friends are those, on whom our anger burst. Friends are those, who cart us till life’s coast, Friends are those, on whom we boast. Friends are those, who caters our life, Friends are those, in front of whom we strife. Friends are those, who brightens facts, Friends are ... [Read more...]
By : Animesh Mishra | Sep 2, 2015

An Inspiring Soldier

First Of All…A Salute To The One I’m Going To Talk, Who dreamt of just a single thought since he learnt to walk. One should take proud to establish a stalk, For the one who prevents our country from being forked. That someone who is been talked, Is a Soldier, Not just a Soldier, but ... [Read more...]
By : Animesh Mishra | Sep 2, 2015

Aarushi Murder Case

Sad it was for a very young loss, Murdered by her parents for an unknown cause. Departed her life whose tool was a knife, By those immortal, inhuman husband and wife. It took a long time to judge the case, Almost 7 years, 6 months and 16 days. Parents’ head strolled down when it was ... [Read more...]
By : Animesh Mishra | Sep 2, 2015


“No…You shouldn’t!” Said my father, A type of scolding or a guide rather, When I wrote the wrong verses, About a thing…on which he really curses. “How could you do that?” Said my mother, I was confused whether it was a rebuke or a way to pamper, When I wrote something, which I should not, ... [Read more...]
By : Animesh Mishra | Sep 2, 2015
I am immensely to know that Mr. Animesh, the student of Stella Maris is coming out with a colorful volume of poems. As a soft natured boy, I am sure he has dealt with his ideas in a lucid and comprehensible manner. As a budding poet, he has tried his best to bring out the insights, values, understanding and creativity, which are praise worthy.Sister FlorencePrincipal, Stella Maris Inter College, Lucknow

From his precious time he always takes out some time for writing his poems. Today we are very glad for Animesh that he is able to publish his own collection of poems.  We offer our blessings to him, that he may always write his poems and making us proud. We pray to God to fulfill all your dreams and desires in life. Best of luck for your future

Shri Mukesh Mishra (Animesh Father)Politician & Social Worker,